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SD Card
Wellsite Navigator files for garmin will be downloaded as a GPI (.gpi) file. To install on an SD card, create a folder labelled "Garmin" on the SD Card. Inside the "Garmin" folder, create a folder labelled "POI" if it doesn't already exist. Place the GPI (.gpi) file inside the POI directory. Wellsites are accessed using the GPS search functionality and are often found in an "extras" menu while searching. GPS

GPS Internal Memory
Similar to installing on an SD card, GPI (.gpi) files are placed inside a "POI" folder which resides in a "Garmin" folder on the device. When the device is plugged into the GPS, these folders should already exist. GPI files are simply placed inside the Garmin/POI directory.

For a list of devices that support GPI files please visit Garmin's website.
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