For the past year we have been working to improve the Wellsite Navigator app in order to enhance our user’s experience. As you already know the new and improved Wellsite Navigator is now available.

As a legacy user of Wellsite Navigator you are able to migrate into the new app and have access to a special legacy pricing plan.

To start the migration please follow the steps as indicated by the app. You will be back to navigating in less than 5 minutes!

What’s New

Complete app redesign including:

  • New user interface
  • Cloud profiles
  • Ability to pick states for data download
  • Added a new satellite map, updated every week!
  • Added custom well entrance markers
  • Added SWD layer
  • Added Rig layer
  • All new “See nearby wells” feature enabled by default
  • Added a folder system for the favorites
  • Added option to see favorites, on the map
  • Added custom locations that can be edited and saved into “My Pins” tab
  • Added county information
  • Option to choose between Google Maps and Apple Maps for navigation
  • Improved stability
  • Added a dark mode

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Enterprise Licenses

Have multiple users within one company? Contact us at to learn about our new enterprise licenses.

User Guide

The first step in using the new app is to download the “Wells” and “SWDs” layers.
You can do this from “Settings” (gear icon in the top right corner of the map tab) -> “manage layers”.

Once the layers have been downloaded, you can go into the “search” tab and start searching for wells. Please make sure that you have the desired layer selected when doing the search. The app will stay in the selected layers until you change it, but in the beginning it defaults on the layer that was downloaded last. You can select the layer in the layer filter (icon next to the search button).

When you find a well you are looking for, you can slide your finger on the search result from right to left to see the “pin” option. This allows you to pin as many search results as you need to the map. Alternatively, you can just tap on a search result to see it on the map.

You can expand the well details window that is at the bottom of the map when a well is selected, by sliding your finger upwards. This will allow you to see the complete details of the well, and use other options like adding a custom well entrance marker.

You can toggle the nearby wells functionality on/off in the map settings, which you can access by taping in the top right icon on the map.
If you tap on the layers icon in the top left corner of the map, you will be able to switch between layers and map types.

You are able to create custom locations by tapping and holding on any point in the map. If you then use the “add to my pins” option, you will be able to edit and save that location to the “my pins” tab.

You can also save any well or SWD as a favorite by tapping in the heart icon in the well details window. We have added a folder system to the favorites, the guide is below.

Finally, you can now switch to a dark mode from the app settings, this will help during night time driving.

Favorite folders guide

  • In your favorites tab, if you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you will see a button that is called ” + Add new folder”.
  • If you tap on that it will ask you to name the folder, please do and then hit “save”.
  • The favorites that you already had in the favorites tab are considered to be in the “main” folder.
  • To move an existing favorite into a folder that you created, please slide your finger from right to left on that favorite well.
  • Then tap on the pencil icon to edit.
  • Here you can change the color, but you can also change the folder where this well resides.
  • If you tap on where it says “main folder”, you will see the list of your existing folders.
  • You can have a favorite well in more than one folder at a time.
  • Simply tap on the folder(s) where you want this favorite well to reside and you will see a checkmark appear next to them.
  • Then tap on “Add to folder”.
  • This favorite well will now be moved to the folder(s) you selected.
  • If you go back to your favorites tab, you will see all the folder you have created.
  • If you slide your finger from right to left on a folder, you can edit its name, share it or delete it.
  • If you delete a folder, all the wells within that folder will be deleted, so make sure to move any wells you want to keep out of that folder before deleting it, or always keep a copy of each favorite well in the main folder.
  • When in the Map tab, if you tap on the heart icon in the top left part of the screen, it will ask you to pick the folder from which to display wells on the map.

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