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A phone displaying a map of west texas with well locations marked on it

122,291+ Users Across 22 States

The most trusted and popular oilfield app of all time helps oilfield professionals like you find, save and share well sites in 22 states.

Always fast, always reliable, always up-to-date.

Monthly Wellsite Updates, Weekly Satellite Imagery
We update your app with all new oil, gas and disposal wells in 22 U.S. states every single month without fail. Plus we give you weekly satellite imagery to see all the latest lease roads and hazards. No other app does that. Find a well before we do? Send it to us and we will add it for everyone.

Fast & Friendly
Find oil, gas or disposal wells and get on your way in seconds flat, even when outside of cell coverage. See every well near you at all times. Create and share lists of your favorites. Our Houston, Texas based team is always ready to help.


Lease Road Navigation
Search by lease name, operator name or API number and see the matching well locations on the map in seconds with all the key details you need. Pick your destination and our proprietary in-app, turn by turn, lease road navigation will guide you right to the well pad!

Trusted Since 2012
Wellsite Navigator is the first, the best and the most popular oilfield navigation app of all time. That’s why most of our 122,000+ users come from word-of-mouth referrals. Our huge user base means that we get the best intel first, from you, for you.    

What our users say

“As a truck driver in the oilfield we’re usually just given a lease and well number and this app makes not having to always ask for directions or dig out a map to find a location VERY helpful and saves time and frustration.”

Daniel Moore, Truck Driver at Gravity Oilfield Services

It has been very effective for me, I started using it in ND and continue with it primarily now in CO

Chris McIntosh, Field Service Engineer at Emerson

Makes a new lease much easier to navigate

Peter Wiebe, Chemical Technician at Baker Hughes

Easy to use and so helpful. It is such a time saver. I have talked many of my friends into purchasing this app. And they all Love It!! Thank you for your help.

Chris Mares, Truck Pusher at LGOS