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Wellsite Navigator is based in Houston, Texas, USA. We built the first, the best and the most popular navigation app for oilfield professionals. No other app comes close, no matter how many of them try to copy us.

Since 2012, Wellsite Navigator has been the most trusted and most purchased mobile app in the U.S. oil & gas industry. We take pride in having gained over 63,000 users without spending a single dollar on marketing. Every Wellsite Navigator user learned about us from a friend they trust. We aim to keep earning that word-of-mouth success by always putting our customers first, delivering the reliability and features that you ask us for, year after year.

Thanks for making Wellsite Navigator the most popular oilfield app of all time!

An oilfield truck driving in the sunset on a road in the Permian Basin


To provide the most trusted and reliable oilfield navigation app to oilfield professionals.