Enterprise Accounts

Manage, Track & Dispatch Your Oilfield Team

A Wellsite Navigator Enterprise Account enables you to grant your team access to the #1 oilfield navigation app, while giving you the ability to make secure payments for all your team members, manage their app user credentials, re-assign licenses as needed, track their location on a map and share custom folders with destinations or routes via in-app chat, text or email.

The Enterprise Portal

Control your account, manage your users & carry out dispatching functions from our enterprise portal.

Low Cost, Flexible Payment

No installation or setup charge, no GPS equipment, no training cost, no long-term commitments. Pay for all your Wellsite Navigator users in one place via credit card or ACH and add additional user licenses any time.

Manage Users’ Credentials

Create and edit your users’ credentials though our enterprise web portal. Easily re-assign licenses between team members as needed. Don’t get stuck with licenses or equipment you don’t need anymore.

Track Users’

See your users’ locations on a map, with coordinates updated every minute. With all of the current wellsites, roads and other oilfield features in 22 states, easily help users with directions if needed.

Dispatch Your

Share custom folders, wells, entrance markers, unique locations and multi-destination routes with any of your users via in-app chat, text or email. Color code and label folders as needed.

The App

Always fast, always reliable, always up-to-date.

Monthly Wellsite Updates, Weekly Satellite Imagery
We update your app with all new oil, gas and disposal wells in 22 U.S. states every single month without fail. Plus we give you weekly satellite imagery to see all the latest lease roads and hazards. No other app does that. Find a well before we do? Send it to us and we will add it for everyone.

Fast & Friendly