Why Do 150,439+ Users Choose Wellsite Navigator?

The most trusted and popular oilfield app of all time helps oilfield professionals like you find, save and share well sites in 22 states.

Always fast, always reliable, always up-to-date.

Lease Road Navigation

Our proprietary in-app, turn by turn, lease road navigation will guide you right to the well pad!

We have mapped tens of thousands of lease road miles that you can’t find anywhere else and we are always adding more!

Weekly Satellite Updates

We are the only navigation app that updates its satellite maps every week, so that you can always see & navigate the newest lease roads!

Dynamic Map 

See nearby wells on a map and go from a high-level cluster view all the way to individual wells.

Advanced Search 

Search for wells and other points of interest by state, lease name, operator or API#.


Navigate to a selected well via Google Maps or Apple Maps.

Custom Locations

Create, save, organize, edit and share custom locations through the “My Pins” tab.

Well Entrances

Easily create and associate custom well entrance markers with a specific well. Once created, you can navigate directly to the well entrance.


Save wells and other points of interest to a list of favorites, with the ability to rename, color code, organize into folders and share.

Favorite Folders

Organize your favorite wells into folders, share, edit, or delete each folder. You can also display all the wells from a specific folder on the map.

Dark Mode

Driving at night? No problem! Toggle the dark mode on/off inside the app settings.

Cloud Profiles

Create an account and access your Wellsite Navigator app with all your favorites from any device.

Monthly Updates

Receive monthly wellsite updates with hundreds of new locations added every time.

Work Offline

Work in Airplane mode once your data has been downloaded. No need to worry about being outside of cell coverage.


Our friendly and responsive Client Success Team stands ready to help with any issues.

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